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Baseball/Softball is open to boys and girls in grades K through 12. Weather and field access permitting, practices begin in mid-March. The season begins in April and concludes the last week of June. Uniform costs are separate from the registration fees. A new uniform need not be purchased each year if a child stays on the same team in the same division. However, from time to time, the league, in its sole discretion, may reassign a child, and in that case a uniform shirt and hat only will be provided at no additional cost.

Boys Intramural Divisions






Girls Intramural Divisions








The BLUE WAVE BASKETBALL Program offers a variety of options to boys and girls (grades 1 through 8) wishing to learn the game and to develop their skills. These include:
Intramural Basketball Program

Boys and Girls - Grades 1 through 8. The Intramural Program will begin on November 5 and continue through Mid-March. There are four (4) Divisions in the Intramural Basketball Program:


Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) - 1st and 2nd Grades

Big 10 Conference (Big 10) - 3rd and 4th Grades

Atlantic 10 Conference (A10) - 5th and 6th Grades

The Big East Conference (BE) - 7th and 8th Grades

ACC CLINIC (See schedule on right.)

BOOT CAMP (See schedule on right.)


Travel Basketball Program
St. Anselm Youth Activities Program participates in a travel team basketball league known as the "Brooklyn Children's Basketball League" (BCBA). We enter teams in five different Divisions which are based upon age restrictions. The Divisions equate to the following Grade levels:


Gym Rat Division 4th Grade

Novice Division 5thGrade

Bantam Division 6th Grade

Rookie Division 7th Grade

Intermediate Division 8th Grade


BOWLING is open to boys and girls in grades 1 through 8. The children are divided into teams based on age. The teams bowl once a week after school.


It is the responsibility of the child's parents/guardians to drive your child to and from Mark Lanes. There is a weekly charge that covers the cost of bowling two games and shoe rental. No refunds will be given after October 30th. In addition, the Registration Fee includes the cost of a tee shirt, which will be given to all of our Bowlers identifying them as members of the St. Anselm's Bowling Program. It is imperative that this shirt be worn by all of our bowlers during their participation in this Program.


The season runs from October through the end of March and we cheer at home basketball games for intramural and travel girl and boy teams. The girls march in various parades and lead the parade for the opening ceremony for baseball season.


St. Anselm Cheerleader’s have practices on Tuesday evenings in the auditorium. The girls are to dress comfortably and wear sneakers. There is a mandatory uniform purchase. If we enter into competition there is a separate fee and there will be tryouts for competition. Anyone who joins cheerleading must be dedicated and willing to work hard.


We have two groups:


Debs - 3rd Grade to 5th Grade

Varsity - 6th Grade to 8th Grade


They learn basic cheers, jumps, lifts and stunts.

St Anselm offers a full range of scouting programs for both boys and girls – grades K through High School.

Boy Scouts Program
For Boys, St Anselm’s offers the following programs:

BOY SCOUTS which is governed by the rules and regulations of the Boy Scouts of America - Greater New York Council and is opened to all boys who are at least 10 or who have completed the 5th grade.  Weekly meetings are held and dues are collected monthly.

CUB SCOUTS which is chartered by St. Anselm's Church and is governed by the rules and procedures of the Boy Scouts of America.  Weekly meeting are held. Also, there is a monthly PACK MEETINGS for all boys and their parents. Due are collected monthly. Boys in grades 2 and 3 may be CUB SCOUTS and those in grades 4 and 5 may be WEBELOS.  


The TIGER CUBS program is composed of first grade boys and their adult partners. TIGER CUBS meet once a weekly.

Girl Scouts Program
For Girls, St Anselm’s offers the following program

GIRL SCOUTS which is governed by the rules and regulation for the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York.  Troops meet once a week, directly after school, in the late afternoon, and in the evenings. Monthly dues are required from all Scouts.

DAISIES SCOUTS are open to all girls in Kindergarten.  BROWNIES are open to girls in grades 1 to 3, JUNIORS are composed of girls in grades 4 to 6 and CADETS are open to girls in grades 7, 8 and high school.

Ski Cub is open to 7th and 8th graders ONLY. There will be no exceptions. We are planning several trips this year to neighboring Ski Resort Areas. You do not need to know how to ski or snowboard to join. The number of trips for the Ski Club depends on the number of parents volunteering as skiing and non-skiing chaperones for each planned trip. A mandatory parent meeting will be held after our Registration.


Unless we have adequate skiing and non-skiing parent Chaperone participation, the Ski Club will be significantly reduced or not be offered this year.



We need more volunteers from the parents of our Soccer registrants. Please volunteer your time in order that we may be able to continue to offer this program to all of our boys and girls. In addition to needing division directors and referees, we need additional volunteers to be soccer administration staff.


Indoor SOCCER is played on Saturdays and Sundays in the gym during the months of January, February and March during the day. There are team practices in November. Soccer is open to all boys and girls in grades 1 through 8. Absolutely no Kindergarten children will be accepted. As in prior years, we will have separate Divisions for boys and girls.

Soccer is a team sport. Please remember that a player who does not show up for games, not only misses the opportunity to play but may cause his/her team to forfeit a game. No refunds will be given after December 1st.


Active participation on the part of parents whose children are enrolled in the Swimming program is needed to make the program a success. To find out how you can help out contact the Youth Activities Office.


The SWIMMING PROGRAM is open to both girls and boys in grades 2 through 9 - with placement to be determined by swimming ability.  Except for the returning CYO Team Members, all children must attend a tryout. The dates for tryouts will be given at registration at the Fort Hamilton High School Pool.

The CYO Team

This is a competitive swim program in which the children will be competing with other CYO Swim Teams. Membership is determined by time trials, ability, school, parish, CYO regulations and decisions by the swimming coaches. In addition to the registration fee, a team swimsuit must be purchased and an additional CYO fee OF $75.00 must be paid.


The boys practice Tuesday and Thursday nights from September to January.  Friday night meets run from November through January.


The girls practice Tuesday and Thursday nights from November through April. Friday night meets run from February through early May.


The majority of the Friday night CYO meets will be at the Fort Hamilton High School pool, but several meets may require travel.


Depending on enrollment, practice times may be adjusted to reflect the needs of the various age groups and the different levels of swimmers. Please note that depending on pool availability, locations of practices and meets may vary during the season.

Although this is a competitive program and your child is required to attend practices and meets on a regular basis, every effort will be made to accommodate any child who is involved with other St. Anselm's Youth Activity programs for scheduling purposes.



We are in desperate need of volunteers for this activity. If the required volunteers are not identified by October, Teen Club will be cancelled or modified this year.

TEEN CLUB is open to all students in grades 7, 8, 9 and 10. Primarily a recreation program, Teen Club meets on Friday OR Saturday evenings. Teen Club is a social recreation program -- meetings are held in Meletia Hall where Ping-Pong, pool, air hockey and other games are available. Teen Club offers several trips to the members and in the past, these have included ice-skating, disco bowling, and related activities. At times we are able to use the gym. Teen Club runs September through May.


It is imperative that a parent accompany their child to registration. Both the parent and the child must read and agree to abide by the Teen Club rules and regulations prior to registering. The child's picture will be taken at registration.


The YOUNG ADULT PROGRAM is run by adult members of Youth Activities, and concentrates on day bus trips, such as ski and amusement park outings. The activities are open to all young adults in High School through their early twenties. It requires no commitment beyond the specific outings. In order to encourage socialization and a sense of independence, there are no geographic or membership restrictions, and supervision is minimal. We want our young adults to bring their friends. Of course, we require permission slips for those under the age of 18. Chaperons accompany every trip in case of emergency. The program serves as a connecting link between the parish and our young adults in an attempt to make the parish more relevant to their lives. It is our way of saying, "you are an integral part of the parish community." Trip schedules and information are published beginning in October and are available through the Youth Activities Office. This year we are planning approximately five (5) ski trips during the winter.